2017 National Young Watchdog Reporter Announcement

Thank you to all the talented high school journalists who submitted entries to our National Young Watchdog Reporter Award. With such high quality work, they did not make it easy on the judges.

So without further ado, the winner of the 2017 National Young Watchdog Reporter Award is Meghan Bobrowsky from Davis Senior High School in Davis, California. Her story “Teachers are in high demand, but Davis salaries continue to lag” published by The Davis Enterprise include many essential elements of a quality investigative report: smart use of data, revelation of previously hidden or unfamiliar information, and a fair-minded approach. Meghan said that her story “sparked community discussion and allowed people of all ages to talk about the problem affecting our city.”

Our second place winner is Teresa Xie from University of Chicago Laboratory Schools in Chicago, Illinois, for her story, “For Some Girls in a Top Model UN Club, the Sexism Is All Too Real” for Women’s eNews. “My hope was that the piece would provide a larger commentary on women in the power in the world, or workplaces in general. Even when women do rise to power, they are often not treated seriously,” said Teresa.

Finally, our third place winner is Nicole Konopelko from Pittsburg High School in Pittsburg, Kansas. Her story, “A Place To Finally Call One’s Own: A glimpse into a student’s journey to find home,” provided readers insight on homelessness and its impact on a student. Nicole said that her article in The Booster Redux “speaks volume to the power of journalism. It promoted progress and documented a detrimental issue that most of our community was uninformed on.”

Congratulations to our winners!

  • 2017 National Young Watchdog Reporter: Meghan Bobrowsky, Davis Senior High School, Davis, CA
  • Second place: Teresa Xie, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Chicago, IL
  • Third place: Nicole Konopelko, Pittsburg High School, Pittsburg, KS

Winners were selected by the professional reporting staff of the New England Center for Investigative Reporting at Boston University.


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