Catching up with workshop alumni: Katie

Katie came to the 2014 High School Summer Investigative Reporting Workshop from New York. During her two weeks at the workshop, Katie worked on an article about the facts behind organic food. She was even able to visit a farmer’s market and conduct interviews with people there in person.

Katie said she was able to share some of the journalism skills she gained form the workshop with her peers at her student newspaper. Read below for more of Katie’s reflections on the NECIR High School Summer Investigative Reporting Workshop.

“The NECIR program was extremely beneficial because it taught me some valuable lessons in journalism. I was able to work with amazing professors and people during my time at Boston University.

“Not only was I able to take some of my journalism tips back to my high school newspaper club, but I was able to make lifelong friends that are also interested in a career in journalism. NECIR has created a little college experience that gave me tips for going off to college in the fall. The program was definitely something I would do again!”

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