Catching up with workshop alumni: Bertha

While attending the 2014 Summer Investigative Reporting Workshop, Bertha from Bolivia tackled a topic not often written about by teenagers – euthanasia. Bertha said she was interested in writing about euthanasia because it’s a real world issue, and a decision that is not confronted easily.

“NECIR guided me not only during the two-week summer course, but also throughout the process of writing this article,” Bertha said. Joe Pereira, one of the workshop faculty members, aided Bertha in her writing process.

Since completing her article on euthanasia, which was published online here, Bertha translated her article and presented it to Los Tiempos, a well-read daily newspaper in Bolivia. The Spanish version of her article was published in Los Tiempos and can be read here.

“I would certainly recommend NECIR to any young writer that is open to new challenges in order to grow not only as a writer, but also as a person,” Bertha said.

For more on Bertha, be sure to check out this interview with her also published in Los Tiempos.

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