Catching up with workshop alumni: Morgan

Morgan from River Edge, New Jersey attended the 2014 Summer Investigative Reporting Workshop following her junior year of high school. Now, Morgan is headed to one of the best collegiate journalism programs in the country at Northwestern University as she finishes her senior year of high school. Check out Morgan’s takeaways from the program in her own words below.

“The NECIR workshop was not only a fun summer activity, but a great way to learn what it takes to be a successful journalist. Since my time at the workshop, I’ve used the research tools and skills I learned to write more thorough school papers and news stories. Living and working in a college environment has better prepared me for the dorm lifestyle next year when I attend college. In fact, speaking of college, the NECIR workshop is well-known in the journalism industry. I really think attending the workshop and including this on my resume made all the difference, and helped me get into my dream school – the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University!

“Most importantly, NECIR is great at helping you make connections with important people in the industry. Between the acclaimed journalists who serve as guest speakers during the program and the instructors of the workshop, you will leave the program with a fresh perspective on the journalism industry and a new mentor (or two). The instructors are fabulous and look forward to helping students from the program – I’ve already reached out to one of my former teachers to critique an important school newspaper piece, and he was beyond helpful. The opportunities, both during and after NECIR, are endless for any eager, budding journalist.”


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