High School Journalism students Come from All Over

With many high school journalism students from our 2015 Summer Investigative Reporting Workshop starting school again today, we thought we’d share with you exactly where they’ll be hitting the books. Below are two maps showing of all of the places in the U.S. and around the world that our 2015 high school journalism students call home. From Massachusetts to Malaysia and from Chicago to China, the NECIR spirit of investigative reporting is indeed reaching all corners of the globe!

U.S. States where our high school journalism students come from:

Countries where our high school journalism students come from:

Whether sitting down for journalism class in Nigeria, or settling in for the first school newspaper meeting in North Carolina, we wish all of our alumni the best of luck this semester. Work hard, check your sources, and don’t forget to share your work with us!

PS: If you love maps, take a look at our most recent government accountability investigation in which we found that Boston had falsely reported many potholes to be fixed. It includes maps showing unfixed potholes, and one map asking the public to report on potholes in their neighborhood.

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