Reflecting on the 2015 Summer Workshop: Caroline C.

This post is part of an occasional series of reflections written by students from our 2015 Summer Investigative Reporting Workshop.

By Caroline Ciaramitaro, Tennessee

I have always been a talker. I was always that kid who just refused to stop asking questions.  I would ask about anything and everything, and normally would follow it with yet another question. However, thankfully, as I matured, I learned a way to make use of my talkative personality as a means to encourage my investigative pursuits.  I began to realize that questions are worth asking, but that I just had to learn how to ask the right ones, the ones where the stories lay. Stemming from my love of talking and passion for stories, I quickly discovered that journalism was might be a good fit for me.

I began to write personally and for my school newspaper; however, my fervent interest in journalism never truly sparked until I attended the New England Center for Investigative Reporting’s Summer Investigative Reporting Workshop.

At the program, I was surrounded by people just like me, people who wanted to ask questions. I was immersed in an environment that was begging us to ask these questions, and I was guided by incredible instructors who taught us just how to be successful in doing so. Through lecture-style classes, Q&A sessions with notable journalists, and workshops writing our own investigative pieces, I learned the fundamentals of investigative journalism, while also being exposed to a peek into the life of a “real-world” journalist. By conducting my own interviews and researching a topic that I had a personal interest in, I discovered how gratifying it is to write and learn about something you feel so passionate about.

Caroline (center) and other workshop participants take in a guest speaker. Photo by Jordan Abosch.

Caroline (center) and other workshop participants take in a guest speaker. Photo by Jordan Abosch.

At times it was challenging, but it was always rewarding. I was continuously dared to ask more, to uncover more, and to never stop finding more. At the Investigative Reporting Workshop, I was driven to explore the world around me, and I found my passion in doing so. Not only did I discover that my passion is journalism and the power that our words hold, but I was taught how to be successful in pursuing this passion of mine. In Boston, I was taught how to be a journalist in a world that needs more of them.

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