Reflecting on the 2015 Summer Workshop: Gabby

This post is part of an occasional series of reflections written by students from our 2015 Summer Investigative Reporting Workshop.

By Gabby Brenn, California

I have always had a keen interest in abandoning my comfort zone and embracing new experiences. That is why last summer; I hopped on a plane to Boston, pursuing my desire to explore a diverse culture while participating in the NECIR summer program at Boston University. I was filled with eagerness and an incentive to grow. I have always had a passion for writing, which is why I had chosen this course to learn where my talents thrived the most. Looking back, I experienced more than I could’ve anticipated and would greatly encourage any high school student to attend this program. We conducted a number of research essays, investigated the urban setting of Boston, and were given the opportunity to broaden our perspective on the world. In addition, we received opportunities to engage one-on-one with renowned professors and experts in the field of journalism each day. In the process of finding my niche, I developed an inquisitiveness about the world that now defines how I approach unfamiliar circumstances: with curiosity and fearlessness.

Gabby and friends enjoy a day on Newbury Street during the 2015 Summer Investigative Reporting Workshop.

Gabby and friends enjoy a day on Newbury Street during the 2015 Summer Investigative Reporting Workshop.

Aside from gaining exposure to and experience with the fascinating world of investigative reporting, I built friendships and relationships over the course of two short weeks that I will never forget. NECIR offered a camaraderie of diverse students with the same passion as mine; coming from Greece, China, Wisconsin and many more parts of the world. Months after the program, I still frequently speak with the close friends that I made, and constantly reflect on the irreplaceable memories I made during this experience.

Through my experiences, I learned to push personal boundaries and put forth my absolute best in all that I do. The program augmented my desire to succeed as well as my excitement for my future studies in college. From visiting Fenway Park to ordering late night cookies, every component of my experience was unforgettable.

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