Reflecting on the 2015 Summer Workshop: Monica

This post is part of an occasional series of reflections written by students from our 2015 Summer Investigative Reporting Workshop.

By Monica Mercuri, Connecticut


Photo courtesy Monica Mercuri

I attended the NECIR investigative reporting workshop because I wanted to become a better journalist and gain the experience and knowledge regarding in-depth investigative reporting. In such a diverse and great city like Boston, it proved to be a great environment to learn the art of journalism from teachers, professors, and guest speakers.

My favorite class was my afternoon class with Joe Pereria. He told intriguing stories about his life as a journalist for the Wall Street Journal, but also highlighted the importance of going with your gut feeling and never giving up on a story. When it came time to interview individuals for my article on the relationship between mental illnesses and violence, I was completely prepared with my questions and it went smoothly.

It was also great to explore Boston surrounded by other students my age who are interested in bettering the world through journalism and “holding the powerful accountable.” My favorite night activity had to be going to Museum of Fine Arts and imitating the art for a workshop-wide contest. Even simple memories playing ultimate frisbee on The Esplanade and ordering late night Insomnia cookies are moments I will never forget.

Currently, as Editor-In-Chief for my school newspaper, The Paw Print, I have used the skills of accurate reporting, writing, research, and backgrounding that I learned when writing my news articles. I can definitely say I am more confident conducting interviews as well. I want to thank NECIR for providing this great opportunity for future investigative journalists. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had and made my summer unforgettable.

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