Student Journalism Newsletter: November 30

Wait, you mean Rory isn’t a Pulitzer-winning journalist?

This month’s rundown:

  • Turns out Rory Gilmore isn’t the killer journalist we thought: For anyone who watched the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix (uh, everyone?), we now know that at 32, Rory Gilmore is a struggling freelancer. That’s cool! But her ethics? Not so much. check out this piece from NPR on why grown-up Rory was a disappointing journalist.
  • Inspire us, Marty!: Marty Baron, currently editor at the Washington Post and made famous in Spotlight, has some advice for journalists. Baron said that this is a time in which “we are compelled to fight for free expression and a free press.” Read his full remarks in Vanity Fair.
  • Ohio State student journalists face ultimate challenge: This week, there was a tragic attack on Ohio State University’s campus. For the school’s student journalists, it hit close to home. Nick Roll, the campus editor of OSU’s student newspaper, The Lantern, ran toward the caution tape as soon as he hear the news. He knew it was his responsibility to cover the events as accurately as possible for his fellow students. USA Today has the story on how Roll and other OSU journalists handled covering the attack.
More than 160 budding reporters visited us in Boston last summer for the best two weeks ever. But don’t take our word for it, read what students had to say about their time in the city learning investigative journalism and making friends from around the country. Students who apply now and pay in full by January 31 receive $200 off tuition!

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